Gear Review: Vorgee Vortech Max Goggles

Gear review time!

We checked in to the Across the Lake Swim in Kelowna and as always, we took a look at the vendor tables in search of something fun. I like to spend money when I’m a ball of nervous energy. Don’t you?

The Vorgee table had a bunch of interesting stuff, and I had noticed their presence at the Canada Day Challenge in Vancouver a few weeks ago.

I struck up a conversation with the rep about my current struggle to find the perfect pair of goggles for both lake and pool. Sharing is caring, so I’ll fill you in on my situation:

I’ve been almost exclusively using the Aqua Sphere Vista masks for my open water swims. Pool training is a bit more flexible – as I have a bunch of different goggles in my swim bag at any given time. My collection is huge and includes the tiny Tyr mirrored pair that look cool but sit inside my eye socket and threaten to suck my eyeballs right out of my head.  Friends, this can happen!

Let’s get this out of the way – I am blessed with extra large eye sockets. Not quite anime-level peepers, but definitely higher and wider than the eye sockets that most goggles seem to be designed for. Small competition goggles get uncomfortable when my eyelashes bump up against the lens, and I can never seem to open my eyes properly when I’m wearing them. I like seeing. Seeing is fun.The Aqua Sphere masks I’ve been using – and replacing each year – offer a better fit for my face, and I really like the clean and clear field of vision, especially in the lake. The problem with the masks is that they tend to leak, and they tend to fog up quite badly after only a few uses. I’ve had a few blind swims, and also a few where it was difficult to find a rhythm because I frequently had to stop and dump out water and plankton from the mask. Long training swims also result in the dreaded cro-magnon forehead line – which lasts longer than I’d like and really cramps my style. My style is 43 year old mom jeans but with edgy tats and messy hair. Now you know. There’s no room for an additional 6 inch wide wrinkle in my forehead.

So – I relayed all this to my new pal at the Vorgee booth, and he suggested that I try the Vorgee Vortech Max. They look like a regular, streamlined, if a bit large goggle. I put them on and found that indeed they sat in the sweet spot just outside my eye socket.

I’m always down for something new, so I selected a pair with tinted lenses and committed to using them in the swim the following morning.


Pretty pretty new goggles. 

Despite having large eye sockets, I have a relatively small head. I always have to do a lot of adjustment to ensure my goggles are tight enough, but not so tight that they cut off circulation and prevent me from making good life choices.

The side strap adjustments on the Vorgee were a little awkward once I had achieved the desired tightness. The remaining strap wouldn’t pull through the plastic grommet and left a loop on either side. When I checked in with the tent in the morning before my swim, I was reassured me that this was normal and just the way the goggles work. There was plenty of room for my Duo music contraption so I felt like I was set.

Fast forward to swim time!

The verdict: my new Vorgee goggles worked brilliantly. From my initial jump into the water to crossing the finish line, these googles did not leak nor fog up – even once! They were great for sighting, especially considering the strength of the Kelowna sun shining down on the lake and into my eyes. The Ultravision Lens provided a helpful wide angle, especially important in a swim without guiding buoys – you’ve gotta know where the kayaks, bridge and legendary lake monsters are. Light and soft, theses goggles are comfortable and reliable. Best of all, my eyeballs stayed in my head. I think I looked pretty dangerous.

When I finished my race, I didn’t look nearly as much like a cave woman as I normally do. My forehead was smooth (other than my usual overthinking lines)!

Aren’t I cute?

Post-race Vorgee Vortech success! Sorry about the sand – I ate some running to the finish on the beach. 

I’m looking forward to using my Vorgee goggles in Lake Ontario and Toronto’s most awesome outdoor pools this week. I think I’ve found a great cross-over product. I really hope that these goggles become available in the same sexy colours as their other models. I’ve got a reputation to uphold.


To learn more about Vorgee swim products visit and watch out for their awesome gear at a swim near you!


  1. #cudstorotto19 · July 15, 2018

    I have written a post also about goggles for open water and the best I have found is a local company in Perth Fiski have a look at web page. Good review on the Vorgee goggles I have used them in the past and are a good pair of goggles too.


  2. Sandy Bowers · July 15, 2018

    Loving your posts my dear! Another towel for the collection!!


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