Sunshine Bay to Nelson: Day 2 (Kokanee Park to Six Mile sand bar)

You might have thought that your intrepid swimming subjects would have faced the darkness of the new day and the prospect of another 8 km with dread and apprehension.

You might have thought that there would be tears, self-doubt, and…chafing.

YOU WOULD BE (mostly) WRONG! (There was some chafing.)

Another 4:45 wake up call, coffee, poops, pep talks, vehicle drop off and a short portage, and we were off! Our team was one less today, since our triathlete decided to save his shoulders for an upcoming event.

Today’s 8.03 km stretch went from the beach at Kokanee Park to the sand bar at Six Mile. The lake was calm and peaceful for our first half, with mild currents for the second.

Without the challenge of yesterday’s chop, everything felt a lot smoother. I had worried about my shoulders, but the only discomfort I felt was in my lower back. This is usually because of the altered position of my body in my wetsuit.

The Steven Boys took an early lead and reported that they both felt amazing. Mark stated that he could have gone all the way into Nelson. Wanker!

Deanne and I gave Barney, our kayaker and food dispenser, a good morning workout as he paddled between us doling out Shock Bloks and encouragement.

This stretch felt fast-going for the first 5 km, but during the last 3, the beach felt right there but also never right there at the same time. I was grateful for a charged up Duo, and enjoyed 2 rounds of Hot Chip, Peter Schilling, and a plethora of the gay disco hits that help keep my arms moving.

When I arrived on shore, I felt like a million dollars. (Not rich enough to swim all the way to Nelson right then, Mark.) I knew that tomorrow’s third leg was a no-brainer – not because it will be easy, but because with the famous Orange Bridge in sight, it must be conquered!

What Was Awesome:

  • No neck chafe! I can’t even tell you how happy this makes me.
  • Barney and Tayne: support boats extraordinaire
  • The blue-ish, calm, cold water
  • The sand bar – such a cool place to land. Only potential improvement would be a bartender. It is a “sand bar” after all.


What Wasn’t Awesome:

  • Again with the numb left arm. Bollocks.
  • Bare feet during the portage down to the water. I really need to toughen up, Gladys.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s big finale!!



  1. Sandy Bowers · August 5, 2018

    Glad today went so well…is the water cold? Tomorrow will be exhilarating and what a fun accomplishment…hopefully with no numb arm!! Proud of you!! β€οΈπŸ‘πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ

    Liked by 1 person

  2. eklemmensen · August 5, 2018

    Go girl, you are an inspiration! One more day πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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