My Open Water Story – Part 1

I always loved swimming. Even when I wasn’t officially swimming (that giant gap between age 13 and 39), my body has felt happiest in the water. This blog is an effort to capture some of my passion for swimming, being in the water, discovering new places to swim, and challenging myself to be the best I can be.

I grew up in Saskatoon, the first daughter of parents who met as lifeguards during the 60s. From a very early age I was enrolled in Red Cross swimming lessons and lifesaving stages. When I was 8, my parents signed me up for speed swimming, and I took to it immediately. Not only did I love being coached ¬†and going to practice, I loved going to swim meets and being part of a swim CLUB. ¬†Riding the bus to faraway meets, staying with new billet families, and making friends from all over my own city and many others was very motivating. My swimming friends became some of the most influential of my life. I’m still connected to many of them. Read More